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Our response to Covid 19

The health and safety of our staff and members are of paramount importance in these unprecedented times. Following CDC and RI government guidelines along with US Squash recommendations we are focused on providing a safe environment for you. 

The Gorgi Family Squash and Education Center is a unique, spacious facility with high ceilings and 3 HVAC units. Each unit has MERV 13 filters (also used in hospitals), which remove particles as small as .3 microns out of the air. 2 UV Lights have been added to each HVAC unit to kill any airborne pathogens before the air heads into the duct work. The squash center also has and ERV (energy recovery ventilator) which draws fresh air in and pushes stale air out. The entire facility is cleaned thoroughly daily in addition to the procedures below. 


We recommend pre booking all courts online. Please book your court at or email us at


Please check in at our check in desk. Please use hand sanitizer provided upon entering and during your time in the building. A member of staff will direct you to your court after check in. Check in is very important as we need to know exactly who is in the building.


Please email as soon as possible if anybody in our community tests positive for Covid 19 before or after being in the club.


We want all of our members and team to feel safe during this unusual time. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions please reach out to or Any changes or updates to the schedule as the Covid landscape changes will be communicated via email and social media to our members. Stay safe and healthy. Hope to see you at the courts soon.

Covid 19: About Me
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