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Our Academy caters for everyone - from beginner to elite junior and adult squash players. We believe in creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere. This is key for students to have a positive experience, enjoy the process of learning and improving their squash alongside getting fitter, healthier and making friends. 

Squash can be a powerful platform in which to develop character and skills that can be used in all walks of life. It confronts us with obstacles and challenges us to learn, grow and progress. In this way it is about more than just sport. 

Our programming aims to help players get a better understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses - using squash as a tool to discover more about themselves, build character, become better equipped to deal with high pressure situations and reach their potential both on and off the court .

Sessions are tailored around the standard of the group and have a weekly progressional plan. 

For information on group coaching, schedule and pricing - contact us on


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